Tips On Migrating To The USA

Posted on: 31 August 2016

The USA is viewed by many as a land of opportunity, and this makes it one of the most popular choices for those wishing to begin a new life overseas.  However, the USA can be one of the most difficult countries in which to obtain permanent residency.  So what's involved in migrating to the USA and do you qualify?  Read on for more on information. 

Are you eligible?

The first thing to do is to find out whether you are eligible to migrate to the USA.  The four main criteria for migration are:

  1. An offer of employment with an American company
  2. Refugee status
  3. Relatives already living in the USA
  4. Diversity promotion

It's a good idea to have a chat with a professional migration agent who will be able to quickly establish whether you would be eligible as per one of the above criteria.

Next steps

Once you know that you are eligible to apply to migrate to the USA, you will need to lodge a petition for approval by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  This petition is submitted by someone who is willing to sponsor your application, i.e., your employer or a close relative.  On approval of the petition, you can send in the remainder of your application documents.  Immigration paperwork is typically complicated, and for this reason, it's best to invest in the services of a migration agent who can ensure that your application proceeds smoothly and give you additional info when needed.

Once your application has been pre-approved, you'll need to attend a medical examination to ensure that you are not a carrier of any communicable diseases.  At this time, you may also be offered vaccinations that are relevant to your destination state.

The final hurdle to overcome is an interview.  The interview takes place at the conclusion of the application process and pretty much means that your application has been accepted.  You'll attend for interview at your local US embassy and shortly afterwards, you'll be given the good news!

You will become a permanent resident of the USA when you pass through customs in your destination airport.

In conclusion

Migrating to the USA can be a complicated and involved process that often takes many months to complete.  Although you could handle your application yourself, you would be better advised to use the services of a migration agent.  They will be experienced in handling such applications and will have the necessary contacts to ensure everything progresses smoothly and successfully.