• A Guide on Building Consulting Services

    Do you need to build a residential, commercial, or industrial building? Well, have you contacted your building consultant? Building consultants are professionals that provide expert advice to developers to ensure their real estate ventures are profitable and legal. The extract below discusses the building consultation process. When Should You Consult? You should consult before you commence any works on your property. Your building consultant may provide insights that will influence the design and type of structure you erect on the property.
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  • Tips for Using Employee Feedback Surveys for Self Development

    In today's business environment productivity is of utmost importance, and so is the ability to measure it. One way employers manage this is by conducting surveys on their employees and receiving feedback from a variety of sources. The feedback received is supposed to help you as an employee to develop further and improve your productivity in the company. That said, feedback recipients must understand how to utilise feedback surveys, especially since most of the input comes from peers and managers.
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