A Guide on Building Consulting Services

Posted on: 30 November 2019

Do you need to build a residential, commercial, or industrial building? Well, have you contacted your building consultant? Building consultants are professionals that provide expert advice to developers to ensure their real estate ventures are profitable and legal. The extract below discusses the building consultation process.

When Should You Consult?

You should consult before you commence any works on your property. Your building consultant may provide insights that will influence the design and type of structure you erect on the property. 

Finding a Building Consultant

There are many building consultants in Australia. So, how do you find the right consultant? Below are a few tips. 

  • What is the consultant's speciality? Some consultants specialise in residential developments while others deal with industrial and commercial property.
  • Work with an experienced consultant. It is a guarantee that you will receive quality services.
  • For large projects, work with a building consulting firm. You will have diverse and creative ideas since you will be working with several consultants.
  • Check the reputation of the consultant. Real estate blogs and previous clients can provide such information.
  • The consultant should be reasonably priced. Experienced and reputable consultants may be a bit expensive. However, you will enjoy their personalised and high-quality services. 

Services Provided by Building Consultants

Is your investment reasonable? The building consultant will listen to your ideas and evaluate if you will get value for money once you develop the property. For instance, if you intend to build flats, the consultant may need to conduct a market survey to ensure that there is an existing demand for rental houses in your locality. Further, he or she will give a few design tips to ensure the building is appealing. For example, lighting, the use of space, parking, landscape, and recreational areas are some of the elements that people look for in a rental house.

The consultant will also provide invaluable advice regarding the construction process. For instance, he or she may review the soil structure to determine how many floors you can build. He or she will also examine the plot to ensure it has adequate drainage and is not susceptible to natural disasters such as floods. The consultant will check zoning regulations and owners corporation bylaws to determine what kind of structure you should put up. Most building consultants will provide quantity surveying services to give you an estimate of how much money you need to put up the building. They will also provide referrals to reputable architects, builders and certifiers.    

A building consultant evaluates the practicability of a client's dream. Seeking the advice of a consultant will improve your confidence in your real estate investment. To learn more about building consulting services, contact a company in your area like Jeffrey Hills and Associates.